Immersed in the Yosemite High Sierra

by Bill Swift

That was a great backpacking to the High Sierra Camps in Yosemite. We all had a great time, and boy oh boy did all that training pay off. Racking up all those miles on the hiking boots, breaking them in and the feet in and the body in and the mind in, really paid off. The scenery was fantastic. We got some great pictures, some great 360 videos, and we caught some great fish, so all in all a fantastic time.

 Looking towards the valleys to take us to Merced Lake High Sierra Camp

Looking towards the valleys to take us to Merced Lake High Sierra Camp

Check out the videos below for the Parks Explorer VR - Yosemite National Park version of the travel. We started at west end of Tenaya Lake, hiked up to Sunrise Lakes High Sierra Camp for the first night, then off to Merced High Sierra Camp for the next to nights, then to Vogelsang High Sierra Camp for the last night, and then hiked out to Tuolumne Meadows Lodge. 

For further immersive enjoyment, click on the photos below to open 360 degree photos from some of the exciting parts of the trip. First photo is from a lunch spot at the intersection of trails to Tenaya Lake, Clouds Rest, and Sunrise Lakes. Great views west towards Half Dome. Second is at Merced Lake High Sierra Camp. We were on a ranger guided hike, so yes, every night was lots of stories and better yet, singing!. Third is from Sunrise Lakes High Sierra Camp, looking out over Long Meadow towards Columbia Finger.

Now click on the following photos to see the next set of 360 degree photos, one from the middle of Vogelsang High Sierra Camp, then another from Fletcher Lake looking at Fletcher Peak just outside Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. Click on the last photo, and you will see an "360 degree Action Video" on the trail from Sunrise High Sierra Camp to Merced Lake High Sierra Camp.

We hope you enjoy these, and heads up, as yes, after we got back , we started working on Olympic National Park. Will update the latest on this next. As always, keep the feedback and comments coming so we can continue to tailor Parks Explorer VR to what you are looking for.