New Release - Squaw Valley Ski and Snowboard

We just released for the winter, Parks Explorer VR - Squaw Valley Ski and Snowboard on iTunes for the iPhone and iPad. We are now taking you to a whole new level on how you explore and discover outdoor adventures.

In addition to being able to explore and experience a virtual Squaw Valley with all its mountains, runs, lifts, etc, we are introducing 4 new exciting capabilities:

  1. Social VR: Explore and experience a shared virtual world with your friends. You can simply just move around the ski park together, share the trails you create, and challenge your friends to try them too) 
  2. Create and Share your own trails/runs: Create your own trail/runs as you explore around either by recording tracks in the virtual world, or by logging your actual GPS in the real world. This blending the real and virtual worlds is pretty exciting, go experience the ski park and then bring it home with you!
  3. Race down the trails: Have some fun racing through either the provided trails/runs or the trails/runs you or your friends create. Race either against the clock or head to head against each other over the network.
  4. Simplified 3D/VR Operation: We have simplified and streamlined the Immersive 3D and Virtual Reality modes, now with identical menu systems and operations. The only differences now is “touch” control in Immersive 3D mode and “gaze” control in Virtual Reality mode. 

We are seeing tremendous growth for the Parks Explorer VR series, and are seeing huge VR use/growth both in our own analytics and across the industry. The majority of our users are experiencing and exploring in VR and we are working to continue to improve and make the best VR experience.

Forecasts wise, the numbers are looking better and better. In January 2016 we read that "SuperData expects far cheaper “light mobile VR” alternatives such as Google Cardboard could sell over 27 million units.” Last month, November 2016, we then read that Superdata expected 84 million units to be sold in 2016. Backing that up with another data point, in May 2016, "Google revealed that its Cardboard application has been installed over 50 million times, up from 25 million installs in January 2016."

And of course, there are "lots of good Cardboard solutions for iPhone" to help drive this. As on  a side note, there must have been one huge Christmas rush on Cardboard, as with a week before the Christmas holiday, we were unable to find last minute Cardboard units to be delivered in time for gifts, wow, so now looking for what comes from CES 2017 in Las Vegas in January.

We are very excited by the feedback and growth of the Parks Explorer VR series. Keep the comments and suggestions coming, and stay tuned for the next wave of products.