Yosemite and Crater Lake 360 Video

By Bill Swift

What a fast four weeks! We launched our initial Yosemite and Grand Canyon titles in late May, and then the Rocky Mountain title two weeks ago and have received great feedback. Thank you all, keep it coming!.

We also had quite a bit of travel, visiting Yosemite the first week in June and then Crater Lake NP and Lassen NP a couple weeks ago “on the way” to a University of Oregon graduation event. The water falls were spectacular and on full display in Yosemite, and both Crater Lake and Lassen still had substantial snow at higher elevations.

What made those park visits so exciting was I picked up a Ricoh Theta S camera at the Augmented World Expo 2016. This camera has two lens which allows you to shoot 360 degree photographs and video, enabling a myriad of full immersion experiences.

Click on the Yosemite Vernal Falls image below for a short 10 second 360 degree video of Mist Trail just below Vernal Falls, as we are just getting soaked from the mist from the falls. Click on the Crater Lake Image for a 360 photo overlooking Crater Lake where you can pretty much look straight down!

These 360 video and photos do a great job capturing the feeling of being there. The ability to share and view the 360 photos and videos is growing with both YouTube and Facebook now supporting this new technology. 

The Ricoh Theta S is the first consumer level 360 camera available and what is exciting is a number of new 360 video products will be coming available soon such as the Vuze and Samsung Gear 360.  There are also rigs and software what will combine a number of GoPro cameras for even better image quality, such as GoPro Omni to be available soon, and 360 Heros available now, and at a bare minimum the mobile phone panorama shots can get you started. 

These immersive 360 camera and immersive VR technologies are going to create whole new and exciting content experiences in the upcoming years. 

Lastly, we have just launched an external beta test program for a new VR based technology, so if you are interested in checking it out, we would love you to join below.