New Version and Upgrade! Parks Explorer VR - Yosemite National Park

Today we updated Parks Explorer VR - Yosemite National Park, based on the feedback we have received.  Parks Explorer VR - Yosemite National Park is an interactive and visual national park guide for you to experience and explore Yosemite National Park in immersive 3D and VR. You can now traverse the valleys, scale the peaks, climb the mountains, and explore the beauty that Yosemite is famous for, all from your iPhone or iPad.

The key upgrades in this new version are:

  • Improved visuals and graphics quality
  • Improved touring and flying capability
  • Tours now include narrated descriptions
  • Improved VR performance with Cardboard

The key features:

  • Freedom to flyover the park and explore on your own
  • Detailed information for 48 hikes and the top sights in the park
  • Guided Flyover tours of all detailed hikes, narrated in audio with captions
  • Virtual Reality support for Cardboard for flyover touring, hiking database, teleporting to top sites or to hike start and destination
  • Consistent features and functionality in both immersive 3D and mobile VR modes
  • Landmark identifier with virtualized augmented reality

An integral part of the upgrade is a move to extremely detailed and beautiful satellite imaged terrains from MapboxMapbox is a mapping platform that helps enable the design and creation of fantastic custom maps, and for us, high-resolution satellite imagery. The Mapbox functionality is cloud based with a global infrastructure. 

The other key inclusion in this upgrade is the narrated tours for all the hikes. The audio and captioned narrations provide a description of the hike as you fly through the tours, creating a greater audio and visual virtual outdoor experience. We look to extend this capability in the future so feedback here is very welcome. 

So please go try the new version out and let us know what you think!